UX Storytellers, the Book


had the pleasure to participate in this great project leaded by Jan Jursa, our fellow UX Designer from Berlin. He brillantly managed to gather 42 UX Specialists and make them work for weeks on their vision of User Experience Design ! :-)
After a year of intense work, Jan put this great book for free download as PDF on UX StoryTellers website. UX designers share their stories, experiences, vision of UX Design: how they came to it? what are the learnings they get daily from designing experience? how we all have a different way to consider and practice UX design? how strong is the uX community? All these questions find their answers in this great book.
So, please, visit Jan Jursa website and share your impression too.

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UX Storytellers, the Book
I had the pleasure to participate in this great project leaded by Jan Jursa, our fellow UX Designer...

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