Auto Distribution Trucks

AutoDistribution is one of the largest car parts manufacturer and distributor in Europe. AutoDistribution Truck department asked Ogilvy Interactive to redesign the internal ordering system. The tool is intended to quickly find truck parts references and mechanical documentation within groups of almost identical parts. Sellers' task is to identify quickly and precisely as possible the right part for the right truck, and then to put order in the internal e-commerce system.
The former existing solution was a long page-by-page process, requiring constant request on the database and forbidding back-and-forth references and documentation check.
The challenge was not only to create a legible and usable user interface, but also to shorten the process of part identification.

The innovative solution we come up with, was to use a lateral navigation panel, which would keep all the panels requested in the search history, but by only showing the current panel and the previous one or two. In this way the user can browse back and forth in the history without reloading any element or requesting any additional information in the database. The new requests only happen if the user change branch in the reference tree. The final tool is a quick, legible, light and highly usable interface.

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  • Agency: OgilvyOne / Ogilvy Interactive - France
  • Role: Information architect / Interaction designer
  • Deliverables: Storyboards, flows, wireframing, prototyping, fonctional specification
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